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Semi-Friends Only

I did a friends cut, so if you can't see THIS entry then you have been cut. :( If you'd like to be added back send a message to me and we'll try again. If not then I wish you the best. :)

Please don't just add me I will not add you back if I don't know who you are. Comment as to where you know me and why you'd like to add me preferably with similar interests. :D I'm not picky and I love meeting new people. :)

Also temporary FO Banner I will switch it if I stop being lazy sometime, but I won't be making new posts every time I change it anymore.
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Sure you can. :D I'll bring them on tuesday and give them to Sakura to pass on if you don't come anymore. :)
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LOL I'm always on LJ you should know that.
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Uhh I'll send you a PM explaining.

hiya hiya!

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Now that I am FINALLY ON, You must tell do you put up these banners/moods and all that? I so confused>< I'll probably figure it out eventually but just a little assistance eh? And HBP in less than a month! I started reading the book already! :D

K ttyl alexon-chan! LOVE YOU LOTS!

Re: hiya hiya!

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WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW this is so strange talking to you on lj. xDD BUTOMGITSNEO!* *FLAILS*

LOL where to begin in telling you the options you have on here. XDD Umm it comes naturally after a while. I'm proud of [ profile] angelsoulmates as I think she really knws how it works now. :') Oh and you should totally add her on here too! :D

Pictures are easy you just upload to photobucket or tinypic(image hosting doesn't really matter) put < img src="DIRECT LINK OF PICTURE" > (without the spaces)and there it is, you can also use the < center > tag (without the spaces) for putting it in the middle. :)


Oh and I haven't updated in a while only because I feel so behind but I will start again shortly. :D Especially with summer and all. OH!! I WANT TO GO TO COMIC CON SO BAD YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. :(((( DAVID TENNANT IS GOING TO BE THERE AND I WEEP FOR MY FAIL OF NOT BUYING TICKETS EARLIER AND NOW THEY ARE SOLD OUT. WTFIHATELIFESFMRN
Anyway how has life been treating you? :D
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Re: hiya hiya!

(Anonymous) 2009-06-19 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Woooo strange talking to u too! I feel like I'm in a whole new world!! XD With the same name!

Lol, yes I believe once I start getting the hang of it, I'll get the hang of it ^^ And it wont be so bad! AND congrats to Kiwi! I knew she could do it! So can I, eh? :D

Hmm...well I'll look into them eventually. But I was really pissed off yesterday 'cause I was trying to upload a journal entry, and whenever I tried to press submit, I got redirected to somewhere else for some reason, and when I tried returning to the journal page, all my writing was gone! It happened twice! At the end I just let it go and decided to do it some other time XD Boy, just my luck.

OH NOES! David Tennent?? NO I love that guy! U missed him, oh noes! >< I wish I can even GO to a comic con, but I dont know any famed british celebs dropping here for a visit -___- But poor poor you...I know how that feels like, really.

Eh, life's treating me like sourpuss. You can read my DA journal for that. otherwise, I am A-ok! :D

TTYL! Love u lexy! *hugs*

Re: hiya hiya!

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lol you forgot to log in. xD You should just leave it logged in that's what I do. :) Can't remember the last time I had to log on to lj actually. :O

I have complete faith in all that you do, lol. XDD

DDD: This sounds like kiwis first time too. xD It's weird I never had any problems with lj when I started. :o Only when I started working with CSS did I begin to get a headache, lol. Your situation is particularly weird because lj has this super neat feature(saved my butt a lot of times actually...) that saves the last entry that you typed out and when you go to new journal it asks you if you would like to retrieve that journal... ^^; Idk why that happened with yours though. D:

IM STILL IN MOURNING. :'(((( I hate that hes going to be here on my bday, thats the worst part!! His poster that I have on my wall will be mocking me. DDD: As for Comic Con it is a complete blast, but dont you have one in New York? I was sure there was one there, you could try to go there. xD I think its about the same distance to you as the one in CA is to me. xDD When I went it was a crazy trip! We had to stay in LA for an hour though and that was not pleasant, I harbor a dislike for that city. xDD It would be cooler if it was in San Fran instead of San Diego, but I guess there is no room. DD:

I'll go check out your journal on dA to see whats up, it has been a while since I've seen that dA. xD


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If you're so worried I'll buy your ticket tomorrow or later today if I get the chance and you can pay me back when you come. I'm pretty sure I will not be able to give you a ride when we go though. I'll call you when I'm buying my ticket.
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WHUT OMG!1! I can't wait, I hope you're at school? I'm going there in a couple of minutes, lol. I'll call you if I can.
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lol yeah. XD

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You have no idea who I am, I'm sure, but I tracked you down from devArt. To tell you this one thing ('cause I wasn't sure you'd see it on dA, since you're hiatus'd): your dA icon? Total bee's knees, baby. Total bee's knees. <3

Aaaand there you have your random hello for the day. xD

~ Ver

[identity profile] 2010-02-22 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Ha really? Which one do you mean I made 2 on dA if I remember correctly? Did I know you on dA? Either way I'm flattered that you would come to lj to tell me. :) Thanks! <3


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Hi, I'm interested in the link of this doujinshi you upload..
"[Doujinshi] いわなきゃわからない - OOPS - USUK - R18"
Should I do something?

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Hey! Sorry to be posting here but I just wanted to make sure you get my message OTL because LJ seems to be going haywire again xP but Yea it got mailed back to me for some reason... I'm not sure what happened but drop either one of us a message when you want us to send it out!

[identity profile] 2011-10-23 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi!! ^^

I'm sorry, but I'd like to be able to be your friend, since I'm also interested in Hetalia and I love your sales posts!! :D

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Thank-you I'm really flattered that you'd like to be my friend, but at the moment I'm currently on hiatus from this livejournal I only use it to post to my sales community and my doujin community when I have the time. I'd love to friend you when I come back though I'm not sure when that will be. I just don't think I'd be a very good friend at the moment so I hope you understand.